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  1. Add AVIS car rental Haugesund to your Itinerary

    AVIS car rental Haugesund


    Industrigata 24
    5537 Haugesund

    Book your rental car from Avis Car Rental and go wherever you want in a comfortable way. The car fleet has cars from small passenger cars to larger vans and 9 seats. You are welcome to pick up a car at our rental office at Haugesund Airport Karmøy,…

  2. Add Day pass and short pass for bus to your Itinerary

    Day pass and short pass for bus


    Haraldsgata 125
    5527 Haugesund

    To travel easy and environmentally friendly in Haugesund and the region, we recommend a day pass or a short pass on the green Kolumbus buses. Day Pass and short pass can be purchased from the Kolumbus app or at the kiosk Narvesen. With Short Pass…

  3. Add Haugaland Taxi to your Itinerary

    Haugaland Taxi


    Spannavegen 144
    5535 Haugesund

    We have 5 buses, 22 minibuses and over 50 taxis with skilled and experienced drivers who daily runs in the region.

    Our buses can accommodate up to 57 passengers. We emphasize good service, quality, punctuality and comfort - our friendly drivers…

  4. Add Haugesund Taxiboat to your Itinerary

    Haugesund Taxiboat


    5523 Haugesund

    Sightseeing, daytrips or fishing trips? Haugesund Taxiboat will bring you where you would like to go in a Merry Fisher 795 - 200 HP.

    The boat is approved for 8 people. 

  5. Add Karmøy Taxi to your Itinerary

    Karmøy Taxi


    Noreveien 30
    5542 Karmsund
  6. Add Karmøy Taxi - Bus to your Itinerary

    Karmøy Taxi - Bus


    Helganesvegen 41
    4262 Avaldsnes

    Karmøy Taxi performs all types of assignments. Many of the assignments require greater capacity, so we have acquired our own bus to accommodate all types of inquiries.

    Karmøy Taxi is your local taxi at Karmøy and in Haugesund.

    We have over…

  7. Add Knapphus Buss to your Itinerary

    Knapphus Buss


    Haukelivegen 495
    5576 Øvre Vats
  8. Add MS "Fjordled" og "Fjordøy" to your Itinerary

    MS "Fjordled" og "Fjordøy"


    5528 Haugesund

    MS "Fjordled" and MS "Fjordøy" are catamarans serving the call between Haugesund, Røvær, Feøy and Vibrandsøy. For timetable visit 

  9. Add MS Gyda to your Itinerary

    MS Gyda


    Sundgaten 167 B
    5527 Haugesund
  10. Add Norwegian Air Shuttle to your Itinerary

    Norwegian Air Shuttle


    4262 Avaldsnes

    Norwegian operates daily departures between Haugesund and Oslo. Norwegian's fleet consists of around 140 aircraft including Boeing 737 aircraft and Boeing 787 Dreamliners. With an average fleet age of just 4.6 years, Norwegian has one of the…

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