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  1. Add Skudeneshavn Museum, Mælandsgården to your Itinerary

    Skudeneshavn Museum, Mælandsgården


    Holmen 16
    4280 Skudeneshavn

    Skudeneshavn Museum, Mælandsgården, is situated in the beautiful Old Town of Skudeneshavn surrounded by wooden houses from the 1700s and 1800s. This old town grew in the 1800´s due to the great herring fishery.

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  2. Add Bømlo Teater to your Itinerary

    Bømlo Teater


    Høvringevikvegen 86
    5440 Mosterhamn

    Since the 1970`s, Bømlo Theatre has been the leading producer of theatre and musicals in the reigoin of Sunnhordland. They are most known for their production in Moster Amfi; Mostraspelene; Kristikongane på Moster (1984-2015), I slik ei natt…

  3. Add Haugesund Theatre to your Itinerary

    Haugesund Theatre


    Smedasundet 98
    5525 Haugesund

    Haugesund Teater is the most important supplier of performing arts in Northern part of Rogaland. They presents theatre productions of national and international class throughout the year.

  4. Add Grindheim Church Etne to your Itinerary

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    Grindheim Church Etne


    5590 Etne

    In Grindheim, as at Støle, we are able to observe the connection between the church, the cemetery and a pre-christian burial ground. This was the largest burial site in Etne with more than 200 burial mounds. Today most of it is cultivated farmland…

  5. Add Bokn Rural Museum to your Itinerary

    Bokn Rural Museum


    Hålandsvegen 70
    5561 Bokn

    Bokn Local museum gives us a multitude of insights at the life from 1850 till 1900 in the community of Bokn. In the old house, previously used for youth activities, on the westside of Bokn you will find the treasure trove of Bokn Local museum. The…

  6. Add Nordvegen History Centre to your Itinerary

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    Nordvegen History Centre


    Kong Augvaldsvei 103
    4262 Avaldsnes

    Nordvegen history centre tells the story about how Avaldsnes became The first royal seat of Norway. Meet Harald Fairhair who will present you for the kings and princes who ruled the Norwegian coast from Avaldsnes.We know some of them from royal…

  7. Add The Vindafjord Museum to your Itinerary

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    The Vindafjord Museum


    Movegen 111
    5583 Vikedal

    The Vindafjord Museum is located just northeast of Vikedal town center, in Vindafjord municipality. Here you can get an educational insight into the town’s history and local traditions.The Vindafjord Museum focuses on local craft and business…

  8. Add Ølen Church to your Itinerary

    Ølen Church


    5580 Ølen

    The present church in Ølen was built in 1874. It was built by the sea to save worshippers who had rowed to church from having to climb the steep hill, and to shelter the church from harsh weather. Ølen Church contains artefacts (about 400 years old)…

  9. Add Arquebus War History Museum to your Itinerary

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    Arquebus War History Museum


    Gardsvikveien 20
    5563 Førresfjorden

    Arquebus War History Museum in Tysvær has a varied of exhibitions that tells the history of the occupation of Norway in 1940-45.

  10. Add Visnes Mining Museum to your Itinerary

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    Visnes Mining Museum


    Visnesvegen 380
    4262 Avaldsnes

    You don't have to go to New York for the Statue of Liberty – Visnes has it’s very own. The reason for this is that Statue of Liberty in New York is built of copper from the Visnes Mines.The Visnes Copper Mines were once upon a time Northern Europe’s…

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