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  1. Add Fugl Fønix Gallery to your Itinerary

    Fugl Fønix Gallery


    5590 Etne

    Fugl Fønix Hotel, Café and Gallery is a cultural oasis located in surroundings of natural beauty by the village of Etne in the innermost part of Haugalandet. The hotel is open all year and is run somewhat unconventionally compared to other hotels.…

  2. Add Fartein Valen Homestead to your Itinerary

    Fartein Valen Homestead


    5554 Valevåg

    Composer Fartein valen’s home is located a half-hour’s drive north of haugesund town centre, and is just before Bømlafjord tunnel. Fartein valen was among the most well known norwegian composers, but was probably more recognised for his work abroad…

  3. Add Dokken Open air museum to your Itinerary

    Dokken Open air museum


    Brugata 1D
    5527 Haugesund

    The Dokken museum on Hasseløy takes us to the very start of the great herring era and gives us a rich insight into the everyday life in Haugesund a 150 years ago.

    Just across the bridge to Hasseløy ("Bakarøy") you will find Dokken, the open air…

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK50.00 to NOK70.00 Per person
  4. Add Åkrehamn Coast Museum to your Itinerary

    Åkrehamn Coast Museum


    Åkrehamn Kystmuseum
    Boktavegen 17
    4270 Åkrehamn

    The Coastal Museum is home to a large number of objects and photographs that depict Karmøy’s past as an important fishing centre. the exhibition covers the contact between west Karmøy and america. nora seahouse is one of the few herring- salting…

  5. Add Skudeneshavn Museum, Mælandsgården to your Itinerary

    Skudeneshavn Museum, Mælandsgården


    4280 Skudeneshavn

    The museum is situated in the old, preserved wooden building in skudeneshavn. the museum provides an insight into how the town grew in the 1800s during the rich herring fishery period. You can see how a middle-class family lived 150 years ago. the…

  6. Add Burial Mounds at Rehaugane to your Itinerary

    Burial Mounds at Rehaugane


    4262 Avaldsnes

    What is often referred to as norway’s largest monument from the Bronze age is to be found a kilometre from st. olav’s Church at avaldsnes. situated on the way to haugesund, the area is on the left side of the main road. today only 6 large burial…

  7. Add Karmøy Fishery Museum to your Itinerary

    Karmøy Fishery Museum


    4295 Vedavågen

    Karmøy Fishery Museum is located on the mid-west side of Karmøy, the museum displays the modern era of the region’s fishing history, which is a motorised epoch that commenced after 1950. the museum contains models that depict the various fishing…

  8. Add Historic Kopervik, Treborg to your Itinerary

    Historic Kopervik, Treborg


    4250 Kopervik

    Kopervik is Karmøy's 'capital' and most densely populated town. The charming combination of old and new building styles hold many surprises for the visitor. A specially produced booklet containing tours of the town can be purchased at Karmøy Tourist…

  9. Add Fishermen's Memorial, Ferkingstad to your Itinerary

    Fishermen's Memorial, Ferkingstad


    4274 Stol

    Few other places in Norway have had as many commuters to America as the Ferkingstad area and western Karmøy. The Fishermen's Memorial has been raised in commemoration of the fishermen from Karmøy who have been lost at sea in American waters. The…

  10. Add Boathouses at Hop, Ferkingstad to your Itinerary

    Boathouses at Hop, Ferkingstad


    4274 Stol

    Remains of the large boat houses erected by King Ferkings, dating from the Iron Age. Information board. A marked heritage trail and nature path goes from Hop to Åkrehamn. A guidebook can be purchased at the Tourist Information Centre.

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